The Flash Forward Festival would not be possible without the enabling support and encouragement of many individuals and businesses. Along with Presenting Sponsor TD Bank, the Official Sponsors listed below heard our call and responded with the man-hours, expertise, venues and resources necessary to realize our vision. We cannot thank them enough for their generosity.

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TD Bank Group

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As a founding sponsor of Flash Forward, TD Bank Group is proud to support The Magenta Foundation in its development and achievement of a truly world-class Emerging Artists Program. Over the course of nearly a decade, Magenta has made remarkable inroads with its ability to bring well-deserved and global recognition to talented young photographers.

The success of the program since 2005—with annual exhibitions in Toronto, a flourishing Flash Forward Festival in Boston and, in the past year, a popular first-time exhibition in the UK—has delivered amazing results in helping to fuel the visual arts profile of the artists in the program. It has been truly exciting to see how the competition has grown from a community of budding photographers into an international celebration of some of the finest photography by exceptional artists.

Grown to be acknowledged as a critically important mechanism for introducing emerging talent from Canada, the UK and the US to a global audience, the Flash Forward competition offers young photographers the opportunity to visually express their innovative thoughts and creative ideas in print to an increasingly hungry community of photographic arts enthusiasts. Each and every year, the competition generates ever more distinctive and striking images for the sheer enjoyment of the international photography audience.

As a North American bank and with a presence in the UK, TD provides support to Magenta to help young people from Canada, the UK and the US develop and achieve their full potential.

It is our hope that by working together with Magenta to create unique opportunities for young people, we’re making a difference in building a thriving visual arts community. Enjoy Flash Forward, and like the amazing artists behind each and every one of the rich images of this year’s competition, may your own appreciation of photography grow in increasingly wealthy proportions.

Scott Mullin
Vice President, Community Relations
TD Bank Group

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