Flash Forward Festival

Set within the Boston cityscape, the 10 day festival celebrates New England and international photography. Programming includes talks, nightly events, indoor exhibitions throughout Boston, and outdoor exhibitions on the Rose F. Kennedy Greenway—six curated container exhibitions, the Photoville Fence, plus New England photographers’ Fence.

The Magenta Foundation

Established in 2004, The Magenta Foundation is Canada’s pioneering non-profit arts publishing house.

Established in 2004, The Magenta Foundation is Canada’s pioneering non-profit arts publishing house.

Magenta was created to organize promotional opportunities for artists, in an international context, through circulated exhibitions and publications. Projects mounted by Magenta are supported by credible international media coverage and critical reviews in all mainstream-media formats (radio, television and print). Magenta works with respected individuals and international organizations to help increase recognition for artists while uniting the global photography community.

Through its successful emerging photographers program, Flash Forward, Magenta’s expansion into Boston has allowed the organization to set a standard for community collaboration while developing both a domestic and international presence vital to the success of artists. Magenta’s diversification and growth will continue through engaging programming slated for Pittsburgh and the United Kingdom.

Become a Volunteer

It is only with the help of talented and driven volunteers that Flash Forward Boston becomes possible.

Last year we had a phenomenal team of over 50+ volunteers who were either Arts students, industry professionals, or just fans of photography. Many of them were able to make life-changing connections with some of the industry’s professional elite, which led to follow-up internships and projects that fueled their careers. In fact, previous Flash Forward interns were given their own platform to curate and produce independent exhibitions as part of Flash Forward Boston 2015.

  • Are you an up-and-coming photographer?
  • Are you interested in photography and the arts?
  • Do you want to get behind-the-scenes access to a contemporary, international festival?
  • Do you want to meet great people and become a part of something exciting in your city?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to join forces with an organization who can help you produce your own exhibitions?

Then this is the gig for you!