Photographic Practices
Group exhibition of lens based artworks
April 1–May 3, 2014

  • Waiting For You by Charlene Liska

    Waiting For You by Charlene Liska

  • Semblance by Sarah Rushford

    Semblance by Sarah Rushford

  • Film Study by Stephanie Arnett

    Film Study by Stephanie Arnett

Photography as a practice is in a state of flux.  In the past two decades it has shifted from a process that interacts chemically and organically with its surrounds, to a new medium based around the interpretation and manipulation of code.  Traditional photographs required access to the darkroom and an ability to previsualize results.  Modern digital cameras now provide instant feedback, and can be published to millions of viewers in minutes.

This new technology has awoken a visual avarice that impedes communication as much as it facilitates it.  The prevalence of cameras and recording devices has spawned a tide of images multiplying exponentially in our daily lives, forcing us to address issues of ethics, surveillance and manipulation.   Whether the erosion of the photograph’s credibility troubles you or frees you, image creation and contextualization are increasingly in the hands of amateurs and outsiders.

From shooting to preserving, from acquiring and to sharing, photographers’ motivations in this new era of image making are as diverse as their means.  This group exhibition embodies the richness of contemporary photographic practice, and features work from artists using both traditional and experimental techniques.