Flash Forward 2013 Group Show
Featuring Emerging Photographers from Canada, the UK & the US
May 1–4, 2014

  • Alexandra from the series Cosmic Surgery by Alma Haser

    Alexandra from the series Cosmic Surgery by Alma Haser

  • From the series Childhood Memories by Heather Benson

    From the series Childhood Memories by Heather Benson

  • Landscape 2 from the series Five Landscape Modes by Jason Gowans

    Landscape 2 from the series Five Landscape Modes by Jason Gowans

  • From the series The Conversation by Dominic Hawgood

    From the series The Conversation by Dominic Hawgood

  • Book from the series The Tumbled House by Emma Jane Spain and Jake Green

    Book from the series The Tumbled House by Emma Jane Spain and Jake Green

  • Caught in the Storm from the series City Space by Clarissa Bonet

    Caught in the Storm from the series City Space by Clarissa Bonet

  • From the series In Plain Air (Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2011) by Irina Rozovsky

    From the series In Plain Air (Prospect Park, Brooklyn 2011) by Irina Rozovsky

The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward program is an annual competition that showcases the work being created by the very best emerging photographers from Canada, the USA and the UK. Every year, judges from each of the participating countries review submitted work and identify those young people that they believe show great promise as professional fine art or documentary photographers.

The Flash Forward 2013 Group Show features a select cross-section chosen from the bodies of work featured in the competition catalogue. The photography covers all genres from documentary, photojournalism and fine art studio practices and shows how each of these young photographers are affected and influenced by their mentors, interests and choices of subject matter.

The Flash Forward 2013 Group Show pays tribute to the diversity of the annual program and its growing profile, offering evidence that the best emerging photographers are at the cutting edge of the direction that photography will take in future years.

The Magenta Foundation gratefully acknowledges the nurturing support of Flash Forward Festival Presenting Sponsor TD Bank for its ongoing commitment to Flash Forward, in all its formats, since launching in 2004.

The following artists are featured in the Flash Forward 2013 Group Show:

Bright Spark Winner

  • Alma Haser, UK


  • Aaron Vincent Elkhaim
  • LM Chabot
  • Philip Cheung
  • Graham Ereaux
  • Mika Goodfriend
  • Jason Gowans
  • Laurie Kang
  • Christine Lawrence
  • Myrto Papadopoulos
  • Evan Rensch 

United Kingdom

  • Chloe Borkett
  • Toby Coulson
  • Victoria J. Dean
  • Vangelis Georgas
  • Kajal Nisha Patel
  • Emma Jane Spain & Jake Green
  • Yuji Hamada
  • Zoe Maxwell
  • Valentina Quintano

United States

  • David Emmit Adams
  • Garrett Baumer
  • Clarissa Bonet
  • Caleb Cole
  • Peter Di Campo
  • Justin Kaneps
  • Daniel Kukla
  • Fabiola Menchelli Tejada
  • Laura Morton
  • Walker Pickering
  • Irina Rozowsky
  • Bryan Schutmaat


MaryAnn Camilleri magentafoundation.org

Founder, The Magenta Foundation
Director, Flash Forward Festival

Established in 2004, The Magenta Foundation is Canada’s pioneering non-profit, charitable arts publishing house. Magenta was created to organize promotional opportunities for artists, in an international context, through circulated exhibitions and publications. Projects mounted by Magenta are supported by credible international media coverage and critical reviews in all mainstream-media formats (radio, television and print). Magenta works with respected individuals and international organizations to help increase recognition for artists while uniting the global photography community. Through its successful emerging photographers program, Flash Forward, Magenta’s expansion into Boston has allowed the organization to set a standard for community collaboration while developing both a domestic and international presence vital to the success of artists. Magenta’s latest diversification and growth will continue through Magenta POP. These pop-up art exhibitions premiered in2013 in Pittsburgh.

Aline Smithson

Founder and Editor, Lenscratch

After a career as a New York Fashion Editor and working along side the greats of fashion photography, Aline Smithson discovered the family Rolleiflex and never looked back. Now represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe and published throughout the world, Aline continues to create her award-winning photography with a 50-year-old camera. Her work has been featured in numerous publications including PDN (the cover), The PDN Photo Annual, Communication Arts Photo Annual, Eyemazing, Soura, Visura, Fraction, Artworks, Lenswork Extended, Shots, Pozytyw, and Silvershotz magazines. She has exhibited widely including solo shows at the Griffin Museum of Photography, the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, The Tagomago Gallery in Barcelona, and Wallspace Gallery in Seattle. In 2012, Aline received the Rising Star Award from the Griffin Museum of Photography for her contributions to the photography community. She writes and edits the blog, Lenscratch, has been the Gallery Editor for Light Leaks Magazine, is a contributing writer for a variety of publications, and has been curating and jurying exhibitions for a number of galleries photo organizations. She has been an annual juror for Critical Mass, and a reviewer at Photo Festivals around the coutnry. Though she was nominated for The Excellence in Photographic Teaching Award from 2008 – 2012 and for The Santa Fe Prize in Photography in 200, she considers her children her greatest achievement. Aline lives and teaches in Los Angeles.

Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie

Photography Editor
Managing Editor/Books & Exhibitions, The Magenta Foundation

Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie is a photo editor with an international roster of clients and contacts. The photography, video and illustration projects he has commissioned have won National Magazine, Grafika, Lux, NATJA and Pearl awards and have been praised in numerous publications including Applied Arts, Communication Arts, Computer Arts and Creative Quarterly. As a curator he has developed shows for the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Festival, and exhibited in Toronto, Boston, Portland and London. Formerly the Photo Editor of enRoute magazine, he is now Managing Editor/Books & Exhibitions at the Toronto-based Magenta Foundation. Beaupré Ste-Marie possesses a background in Art History and Communications, and his interests lie in fashion and art photography as well as the magazine media.

Winners (Flash Forward 2013 Competition)

Bright Spark Award

Alma Haser (UK)


Saty & Pratha, Jolianne LM & Alexandre Chabot, Fiona Annis, Amanda Arcuri, Jessica Auer, Sebastian Benitez, Heather Benson, Rebecca Cairns, Philip Cheung, Paul Colangelo, Leanne Eisen, Chloe Ellingson, Graham Ereaux, Maxyme G Delisle, Ariana Gillrie, Mika Goodfriend, Nicholas Gouin, Jason Gowans, Brett Gundlock, Jean-Francois Hamelin, Alexi Hobbs, Alison Honey, Laurie Kang, Christine Lawrence, Erika Wynne Neilly, Myrto Papadopoulos, Renaud Philippe, Emilie Regnier, Evan Rensch, Kerry Shaw, Riley Stewart, Genevieve Thauvette, Steve Veilleux, Aaron Vincent Elkaim, Ian Willms

United Kingdom

Jinkyun Ahn, Chandan Ahuja, Thomas Ball, Poulomi Basu, Edith Bergfors, Chloe Borkett, Max Colson, Toby Coulson, Souvid Datta, Victoria J Dean, Jackie Dewe Mathews, Tom Farmer, Anna Filipova, Vangelis Georgas, Emma Jane Spain & Jake Green, Yuji Hamada, Dominic Hawgood, Simon Hipkins, Tom King, Zoe Maxwell, Benjamin McMahon, Jo Metson Scott, Melissa Moore, James Morgan, Gustavo Murillo, Herman Nicholson, Laura Pannack, Kajal Nisha Patel, Jennifer Pattison, Vilma Pimenoff, Mario Popham, Valentina Quintano, David Sopronyi, Jon Wyatt, Yuanyuan Yang

United States

David Emitt Adams, Stephanie Arnett, David Walter Banks, Jesse Morgan Barnett, Garrett Baumer, Uliana Bazar, Anna Beeke, Clarissa Bonet, Nancy Borowick, Caleb Cole, Peter DiCampo, Barbara Diener, Jess T Dugan, Matt Eich, Linda Forsell, Tim Franco, Dima Gavrysh, Glenna Gordon, Elizabeth Herman, Justin Kaneps, Emily Kinni, Daniel Kukla, Namsa Leuba, Matt Lutton, Fabiola Menchelli Tejeda, Sabine Mirlesse, Elizabeth Moran, Laura Morton, Matt Nager, Ahndraya Parlato, Walker Pickering, Irina Rozovsky, Bryan Schutmaat, Ilona Szwarc, Samantha Van Deman

Jurors (Flash Forward 2013 Competition)


Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie
Photo Editor, enRoute Magazine

Erin Elder, Manager
Business Development & Partnerships, Digital Media, The Globe & Mail

Wil Kucey
Director, LE Gallery

United Kingdom

Sara Knelman
Talks Programmer / Photographers Gallery

Rebecca McClelland
Group Photography Editor & Creative Director, Ian Parry Scholarship

United States

Natalie Matutschovsky
Senior Photo Editor, TIME Magazine

Susan White
Photography Director, Vanity Fair

Jasmine DeFoore
Freelance Photo Editor & Consultant

Jon Feinstein
Humble Arts Foundation

Aline Smithson
Photographer, Founder and Editor, Lenscratch

Adriana Theresa
Visura Magazine

Jason Houston
Co-Founder, Take One Creative

Laura Brunow-Miner