False Food
April 9–May 31, 2015

  • Untitled F-353 by Jerry Takigawa

  • Untitled F-374 by Jerry Takigawa

  • Untitled F-397 by Jerry Takigawa

“Since 1969, I have designed messages for environmental conservation. With the False Food series, I am using the photographic image to bring attention to this issue. It’s a way of taking an overwhelming environmental problem and finding a way to make it personal. Since beginning the project, I have become acutely aware of the abundance of plastic in my life and in my world. The albatross have provided me with a new awareness of the web of life. Creating these images helps me to integrate the tragedy of the situation with a sense of hope—hope that by telling and re-telling the story—observers may be inspired to act, not to turn away. Statistics, information and analysis can present a compelling case for change. I believe art has the power to generate feelings that inspire the desire to change. Integrating feeling with knowledge makes the message whole, guiding us to act accordingly.” —Jerry Takigawa

Join us for a reception celebrating Flash Forward Boston with Jerry Takigawa’s photographs as a backdrop.

During the reception, the Griffin Museum will have a very brief gallery discussion from a visiting environmentalist scientist from Massachusetts, Meredith Avery, on the issue of plastic pollution.


Ms. Meredith Avery is an environmental scientist with extensive experience working on projects throughout the design process in order to avoid and minimize impacts to natural resources. Her focus is on the protection of natural systems including wetlands, waterways and endangered species. However she and her project teams also tackle issues of broader concern including climate adaptation and resiliency, coastal sea level rise and renewable energy.


Paula Tognarelli
Paula Tognarelli griffinmuseum.org

Executive Director and Curator, Griffin Museum of Photography

Paula Tognarelli is the Executive Director and Curator of the Griffin Museum of Photography. The Griffin Museum of Photography located in Winchester outside Boston, Massachusetts, is a small nonprofit photography museum whose mission is to promote an appreciation of photographic art and a broader understanding of its visual, emotional and social impact. The museum houses 3 galleries and maintains 4 satellite gallery spaces and several virtual on-line galleries as well.

Ms. Tognarelli is responsible for producing over 60 exhibitions a year at the Griffin and its surrounding satellite spaces. She holds an M.S. in Arts Administration from Boston University, BA from Regis College, is a graduate of the New England School of Photography and is a current candidate for her Masters in Education at Lesley University. She has juried and curated exhibitions internationally including American Photo’s Image of the Year, Photoville’s Fence, Flash Forward Festival, Deland Arts Festival, Center for Fine Art Photography, PDN’s Photo Annual, PDN’s Curator Awards, the Kontinent Awards, the Filter Festival in Chicago and the Lishui International Photography Festival in Lishui, China. She is a regular participant in national and local portfolio reviews, has been a panelist and featured speaker at photography events and conferences including MacWorld. She has been a panelist for the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s Photography Fellowships and is a nominator for the Prix Pictet in Geneva, Switzerland and a nominator for the Heinz Prize in Pennsylvania. She is a past member of the Xerox Technical Advisory Board. She is on the advisory board of the New England School of Photography and the Flash Forward Festival Boston.