Flash Forward 2012 Group Show
Featuring Emerging Photographers from Canada, the UK & the US
May 16–19, 2013

  • Photo by Evgenia Arbugaeva

    Photo by Evgenia Arbugaeva

  • Photo by Rafael Soldi

    Photo by Rafael Soldi

  • Photo by Maja Daniels

    Photo by Maja Daniels

  • Photo by Greer Muldowney

    Photo by Greer Muldowney

The Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward program is an annual competition that showcases the work being created by the very best emerging photographers from Canada, the USA and the UK. Every year, judges from each of the participating countries review submitted work and identify those young people that they believe show great promise as professional fine art or documentary photographers.

The Flash Forward 2012 Group Show features a select cross-section chosen from the bodies of work featured in the competition catalogue. The photography covers all genres from documentary, photojournalism and fine art studio practices and shows how each of these young photographers are affected and influenced by their mentors, interests and choices of subject matter.

The Flash Forward 2012 Group Show pays tribute to the diversity of the annual program and its growing profile, offering evidence that the best emerging photographers are at the cutting edge of the direction that photography will take in future years.

The Magenta Foundation gratefully acknowledges the nurturing support of Flash Forward Festival Presenting Sponsor TD Bank for its ongoing commitment to Flash Forward, in all its formats, since launching in 2004.

The following artists are featured in the Flash Forward 2012 Group Show:

Bright Spark Winner

  • Evgenia Arbugaeva


  • Nathan Cyprys
  • Anyse Ducharme
  • Jessica Ginzel
  • Kiana Hayeri
  • Lee Henderson
  • Alexi Hobbs
  • Jonathan Hobin
  • Brad Isaacs
  • Ana Kapodistria
  • Alex Kisilevich
  • Lissy Elle Laricchia
  • James Nizam
  • Stacey Tyrel

United Kingdom

  • Maxwell Anderson
  • Natasha Caruana
  • Bharat Choudhary
  • Maja Daniels
  • Bryan Dooley
  • Clare Gallagher
  • Paula Gortázar
  • Lucy Levene
  • Gustavo Murillo
  • Alexandra Serrano
  • Michal Solarski
  • Luca Spano
  • Kurt Tong
  • Jon Wyatt

United States

  • Jenn Ackerman
  • Juan Arredondo
  • Zhe Chen
  • McNair Evans
  • Hans Gindlesberger
  • Lori Hepner
  • Greer Muldowney
  • Tsukasa Nishimura
  • Ross Sawyers
  • Rafael Soldi
  • David P. Welch


Lisa Botos

Lisa Botos is co-founder of Ooi Botos, one of Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art spaces specializing in photography and video installations.  Lisa’s strong background in photography stems from years at TIME Magazine as photo editor, where she built a strong background in contemporary visual culture.

Lisa is based between Singapore and Hong Kong and is an excellent source of knowledge on cultural trends in Asia, the contemporary art market, Chinese art, emergent photography, video and installation art.

MaryAnn Camilleri magentafoundation.org

Founder, The Magenta Foundation
Director, Flash Forward Festival

Established in 2004, The Magenta Foundation is Canada’s pioneering non-profit, charitable arts publishing house. Magenta was created to organize promotional opportunities for artists, in an international context, through circulated exhibitions and publications. Projects mounted by Magenta are supported by credible international media coverage and critical reviews in all mainstream-media formats (radio, television and print). Magenta works with respected individuals and international organizations to help increase recognition for artists while uniting the global photography community. Through its successful emerging photographers program, Flash Forward, Magenta’s expansion into Boston has allowed the organization to set a standard for community collaboration while developing both a domestic and international presence vital to the success of artists. Magenta’s latest diversification and growth will continue through Magenta POP. These pop-up art exhibitions premiered in2013 in Pittsburgh.

Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie

Photography Editor
Managing Editor/Books & Exhibitions, The Magenta Foundation

Julien Beaupré Ste-Marie is a photo editor with an international roster of clients and contacts. The photography, video and illustration projects he has commissioned have won National Magazine, Grafika, Lux, NATJA and Pearl awards and have been praised in numerous publications including Applied Arts, Communication Arts, Computer Arts and Creative Quarterly. As a curator he has developed shows for the Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Festival, and exhibited in Toronto, Boston, Portland and London. Formerly the Photo Editor of enRoute magazine, he is now Managing Editor/Books & Exhibitions at the Toronto-based Magenta Foundation. Beaupré Ste-Marie possesses a background in Art History and Communications, and his interests lie in fashion and art photography as well as the magazine media.