Pricing and Negotiating
Wonderful Machine/ Producer Craig Oppenheimer
June 8, 2012 from 10:00–11:30 AM

We each work hard to find new clients and are elated when someone shows interest in our work. But that elation often turns to panic when we’re asked to submit an estimate for a project. How do you structure an estimate, what are the line items, what is the client expecting, how do you look professional? Creating a professional estimate is not an exercise in black magic and secret sauce. Wonderful Machine will demystify the estimating process by breaking it down into a logical structure. Come and hear a pro talk about the entire process of building a professional estimate.


Craig Oppenheimer

As a Wonderful Machine producer, Craig Oppenheimer estimates and negotiates estimates on a daily basis, ranging from small editorial portraits to large commercial productions. Previously, Craig was an art buyer for Bank of America, where he led the visual redesign of one of their largest ad campaigns. He’s also worked in a variety of capacities for TBC Advertising, Red Bull and Stick and Move Advertising (now part of Red Tettermer). At Wonderful Machine, Craig also works on targeted marketing campaigns for photographers, produces shoots and has arranged portfolio events with major clients around the country.