An Introduction to Branding and Marketing
For Commercial Photographers
June 2, 2011 from 2:00–3:30 PM

Wonderful Machine

Wonderful Machine director of photography Sean Stone and producer Maria Luci will offer insight into the basics of branding and marketing yourself to appeal to commercial and editorial clients. Sean will discuss how to create a cohesive brand and photographic identity, including promotional materials you will need and tips on how to organize and edit your work. Maria will offer advice about how to identify and reach clients who are appropriate for you. She’ll discuss how to handle direct mail, phone calls and client meetings. And she’ll talk about using source books, list services, SEO and social networking to promote your photography.


Maria Luci


Maria Luci has a diverse background that includes public relations, art direction, and marketing. At Wonderful Machine she arranges and hosts portfolio events with clients in New York City, Boston, and throughout the U.S. Maria handles most of Wonderful Machine’s marketing consulting, which includes creating and executing tailored marketing plans for photographers. She also assists in estimating and producing commercial and editorial photo shoots.

Sean Stone

Director of Photography

Sean Stone sets the tone for all of the pictures on Wonderful Machine’s website and promotional materials. He is an expert on branding and editing for photographers, and handles the production of print portfolios and printed-on-demand books from start to finish. Sean works closely with designers to help coordinate website overhauls and print and electronic promotions for commercial photographers.