Contemporary documentary practices
May 3, 2016 from 5:30–7:00 PM

Leekourgos, Crete, Greece (2011) by Stella Johnson

Leekourgos, Crete, Greece (2011) by Stella Johnson

A panel discussion of 2-3 artists, led by a moderator, which addresses the concerns and strategies of contemporary documentary practices in photography today. The artists will present examples of the their work and discuss their concerns/goals with the work. A frank discussion, through questions and prompts, guide the of the present state of documentary photography, including social media outlets, citizen journalism, and the slippage between fine art and documentary.

Participating Panelists
Greer Muldowney, Moderator (
Stella Johnson, Photographer (
Elle PĂ©rez, Photographer (
Brian Ulrich, Photographer (

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